18 Tendrel Bliss

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Tendrel means good omen in Dzongkha. 2016 awaits the arrival of the prince of Bhutan, firstborn of the King and Queen, all Bhutanese eagerly await this auspicious moment. 2016 is also the birth year of Guru Rinpoche and the 400th birthday of the Founder of the Nation, Zhabdrung Ngawang. 

Tendrel Bliss is designed by Karma Yangchi, our first weaver and for whom this enterprise is named after. The scarf carries all the bright and happy colours, forbearing good omen. Inspire of her illiteracy and not exposed to the world, Karma has a fine taste for colour. This delightful scarf is handwoven in Bhutan. It is a great piece of scarf that starts conversations.

Each scarf takes at least a whole day to hand weave, starting from yarn spinning to tassel rolling. By purchasing one, you are also helping to empower Bhutanese artisan women to use their creative talents to become financially independent. 

Specification: 170cm x 30cm, 100% handmade in Bhutan, from quality Indian yarn. Wash in warm water by hand - colour will not run. Each scarf will come in an organza bag that can be used to keep your scarf when not in use or as a nice gift bag.

Sea-Shell on scarf is for display only, not for sale