King's Hemchay Pouch

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Hemchay is the Bhutanese word for pocket. And the Bhutanese are famous for their pockets, their Gho (robe worn by men) being one large pocket - big enough to carry a newborn baby.

This King's Pouch design incorporates the Bhutan-famous Radhi Bura Silk Gho patterns, a design favoured by royalties and dignitaries. On the outside, is Gho material. On the inside of the pouch is tego, the silk blouse worn by Bhutanese women. The combination of Men's Gho material and Women's Tego material symbolises happiness in the family.

Our little Hemchay pouch will carry all your happy stuff safely and neatly....a good sturdy travel bag for small items too.

THE STORY OF SABINA : All pouches are sewn by a young Bhutanese seamstress, Sabina who could no longer continue her education due to family financial difficulties. Sabina works in a tailoring shop in Thimphu. Her dream is to buy a sewing machine and learn more advanced technique for sewing. Ultimately she wishes to own a tailoring shop, and guide other young seamstresses like herself.