T for Thank You - a Bhutan weaver's gratitude

Lately, more and more of our weavers are connecting in with our team at Ana by Karma. And today - we received a sweet note from one of them. 

All of our Bhutan weavers are encouraged to weave on a motif that represents them. This way, not only will the scarf be authentically unique, you can also check on our website (scroll under Weavers) to find out who made your scarf for you.

One of our new weavers who can write a little bit of English, shared that she has chosen the motif T. At first we thought it's because her name is Thukten. 

But No. She said she chose T as her motif as her way to say Thank You to her Ana and Ata (sisters and brothers all over the world) who encourage and support her to continue to make scarfs. 

Ahhhhh..so sweet.

Truly spreading happiness from Bhutan to the world, one scarf at a time. Our way of slow fashion is impactful