Teach me to fish - the story of Bhutan weavers who yearns for financial independence

How we give makes a world of difference to the recipient.

With charity, the recipient gets a respite from life's harshness, but may create dependency.

In contrast, when we "give" with a clear mission to empower, a different story emerges. The recipient gets a ladder to progress in life. And with the same ladder, she can also help others to move up in life. 

Such is the mission of Ana by Karma for the Bhutanese weavers. We empower them by utilising their talent, and further equipping them with skills they need to continue climbing the ladder towards a brighter future.

We teach them to fish. 

Karma who was struggling not too long ago, today has not only overcome acute financial difficulties, but herself is a giver of hope. She has trained dozens of illiterate poor weavers, empowering them as she is empowered. This is the difference when one is empowered. The empowered is now teaching others to fish.

Spreading happiness from Bhutan to the world, one happy scarf at a time.