Wealth Management for Bhutan Children

Kids learning wealth lessons

Very often, we think "Wealth" is equal to money and material possessions alone. Wealth in totality includes health, relationships, time, knowledge and much much more. At Ana by Karma, we seek to teach financial literacy to our women and their children by sharing with them the concept of overall wealth. 

True, we must manage our finances with care, but at the same time, we must also manage the other aspects of wealth so that we can lead fulfilled lives. Since we first started to teach wealth management in Bhutan in June 2014, we have reached over 300 school children from ages 8 to 18. What we find is, the younger the children are, the faster they catch onto the concepts of wealth in totality. 

After the lesson, Dorji, the 10 year old boy in photo wrote "I would like to share my happiness with my family". 

Please join us in our next Bhutan Kids Wealth Management Workshops. Who knows, you may learn something from these children.