From Zero to CEO - the inspiring story of the rise of a homemaker to become Bhutan CEO of Ana by Karma

One year ago Pema Choden is a Bhutanese homemaker, looking after her four children and husband. A housewife when she joined our Jan 2015 Ana by Karma Weavers Workshop in Thimphu, she became our certified Bhutan Scarf weaver soon after. 10 months later in Nov 2015, our founder Quin Thong met her with other weaver sisters.Though Pema spoke not a word, her smile and gentleness made Quin took notice of her.

By Jan 2016, she was promoted to be our Happy Scarf supervisor - working to coordinate and quality control the work of other weavers in Bhutan. And since then - her career is ever on the rise. Pema even had two opportunities to speak to the public about her rise from homemaker to become a business woman.

In November 2016, Pema is promoted to be our CEO in Bhutan for Ana by Karma, taking care of all the weavers and the organisation of the development activities such as kids' financial literacy and photography events. 

Congratulations Pema. We are proud of you.

This is truly a story of women empowerment. 

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