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From June 2014 to Dec 2015, ANA enabled our team of weavers to collectively earn the equivalent of 34 years of income of a low-income Bhutanese family. 2016 statistics to be available after annual audit.


In 2015, we fully sponsored 60 artisan weavers from all over Bhutan to attend a WOW Training (Weavers’ Over-achievers Workshop), teaching them business skills, teamwork and ethics. ANA continues to have development programs for our artisans, including teaching them international pricing, foreign currency etc.



From June 2014 to Dec 2016, over 500  Bhutanese school children were taught financial literacy through our financial inclusion programs. Youth from Hong Kong international schools join our team to teach Bhutanese children in remote villages.


ANA began in a charming way, unexpectedly.

In June 2014, Hong Kong accountant Quin Thong travelled to Bhutan and met a village housewife who captured Quin's attention with her talent in weaving. Starting with one weaver and eight scarves, Facebook and social media were mobilised to invite Quin's network to purchase scarves. 40+ were sold overnight, 100+ in few weeks, and in less than 16 weeks, more than 1,000 orders were received. 

With that, the ANA by Karma venture blossomed from one to a whole village of weavers. Thereby fulfilling many weavers' dream to step up as small business owner, using their own talent and creativity in the heritage art of weaving. ANA means sister in Bhutanese language.

By supporting ANA, you empower these women to earn a living independently.  In addition, a portion of your purchase goes to fund training and development programs for the weavers and their children.

In July 2016, ANA Trust Fund is set up in Bhutan for the weavers. The funds is used solely for the weavers' medical needs and provide interest free loan for their children's further education.

Weavers Over-achievers Workshop (WOW)

In January 2015, ANA appointed the Institute for Management Studies Bhutan to conduct WOW and fully sponsored 60 weavers with basic business skills and practical training. Some of the weavers came from villages as far as six days bus ride to/fro their home to the workshop. Smaller scaled WOW workshops continues, equipping the women with business skills such as learning how to price products, foreign currency, basic computing skills.


Bhutan Kids' Photography Workshop

In November 2015, 20 children from the weaving community are invited to participate in a Photography Skills Workshop, where they learnt the basics of photography and appreciation of nature and beauty of Bhutan. The children ages range from 12 to 18. The workshop is for 3 days - 1 day in class, 2 days outdoors and subsequent six months of support on their learning. Bhutan Shutterbug, led by Mr Jigme Thinley provides ongoing support to the children. 

Since that first event in November 2015, 80+ children in Bhutan learnt photography with ANA volunteers. www.facebook.com/ana.kids.photography

Children's Financial Inclusion Programs

Quin is a Chartered Accountant and has been active in Financial Inclusion programs. Her primary focus lies in teaching women and children financial literacy - the concept of Save, Spend, Share and Invest. It is a decade long volunteer work which Quin is passionate about, leading to the publication of a children's book with Oxford University Press - The Art of Wealth Management for Kids (ISBN 978-0-19-940294-6). In Bhutan alone, over 500 children have attended this program from 2014 to 2016. www.facebook.com/kids.wealthmanagement Her day job is the Managing Director Asia of Wilmington PLC (www.wilmingtonplc.com) and she serves as a volunteer for ANA by Karma.

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