Luggage Belt Customization Tutorial

Step 1.

Select the 'Luggage Belt' product from the shop and click 'Customize it'


Step 2.

The product builder app will appear. You may now select a luggage belt colour from the list below.

Step 3.

Next, you may have your name embroidered onto the belt. Just type your name in the highlighted box. (Please ensure that you input the text in upper case and with no more than 10 characters)


Step 4.

You may now add motifs to decorate the belt. Click on the 'Patterns' button.


Step. 5

You can select a total of one motif for each layer. There are three layers for you to add motifs. Select 'Motif Layer 1'

Step 6.

We currently have 5 motifs for you to choose from. Select the motif you would like to place.


Step 7.

If you wish to change the colour of the motif, click on the motif on the belt and select the white colour box to open the colour picker. If you wish to leave it as the default colour, skip this step.

Step 8.

Choose a colour from the picker.

Repeat Steps 6 - 8 for Motif Layer 2 and 3

Step 9. Your custom belt is almost complete! Select the quantity that you would like to purchase in the slider below by selecting the plus and minus sign.

Step 10.

If you wish to leave a message to the weaver who will create your belt, type a message in the 'Note' box. Our weavers have come a long way to be able to produce a custom luggage belt. Your kind words would be greatly appreciated.

Final step, Add product to cart and proceed with payment and shipping details!