01 Tshomen Blue

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Tshomen means mermaid in Eastern Bhutanese language, Sharchop. As Guardians of the Earth, Bhutanese believes that mermaids are found in their serene aquamarine lakes.

Tshomen Blue Scarf is designed by Karma, our first artisan weaver in 2014 as one of the first few batches. This delightful aquamarine coloured scarf is handwoven in Bhutan. The scarf is great for all occasions with a unique style traditional to Bhutan! Once a banker who wore this to a meeting was asked by her client, "Please tell me the story of this scarf". That is how unique and captivating this scarf is, like the ethereal mermaid.

Each scarf takes at least a whole day to hand weave, starting from yarn spinning to tassel rolling. By purchasing one, you are also helping to empower Bhutanese artisan women to use their creative talents to become financially independent. 

Specification: 170cm x 30cm, 100% handmade in Bhutan, from quality Indian yarn. Wash in warm water by hand - colour will not run. Each scarf will come in an organza bag that can be used to keep your scarf when not in use or as a nice gift bag.

(Photo - In order to reproduce the beautiful hues of Tshomen Blue, a good scarf is cut up and sent back to Bhutan, so that the weavers could match the yarn by hand. Without the help of modern technology {computers, smartphone} this is the only way the weavers know how to work)